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Vacancy Nurse

Q Clinical

Q Clinical is a new fast-growing Dutch company, commissioned by the pharmaceutical industry to conduct medical scientific research." clinical trials"
To coordinate and continue existing and new research, we are looking for an enthusiastic and flexible colleague.
Who wants to conduct research on new/improved drugs within our practices together with doctors.

The job

As a research nurse, you play an important role in the execution of clinical trails in our research sites. You will be involved in all aspects of clinical trials, such as the preparation, organisation and execution of the logistical processes in the general practice, assisting in the recruitment of subjects and the collection and entry of data into various electronic systems.

You keep overviews of ongoing examinations and follow-up visits. You are the point of contact for the doctors involved, provide input for monitor audits and are the point of contact for patients with questions and problems. You ensure that the clinical trails take place in accordance with the applicable laws and regulations, thereby contributing to the professionalisation and enhancement of the quality of research.

The future employee must be able to work independently, show initiative and take responsibility for carrying out research tasks. You must also be able to plan the projects, organise the diary and take care of the patients participating in the research. You have a flexible attitude and good interpersonal skills. Furthermore, you should be able to act consciously with regard to aspects of patient safety relevant to this position. In this specific position, you will be required to work on various projects. In particular, we require a flexible commitment and the ability to switch quickly to support various projects.

It is expected that you will be trained on study protocols for several days abroad each year.


  • You are a nurse at MBO level.
  • You preferably have multi-year experience as a research nurse.
  • Knowledge of working with eCRFs systems is an advantage.
  • You can take venous punctures, and prepare them for transport.
  • You can perform practice-oriented operations such as, ecg making, blood sampling and processing.
  • You also have a good command of the Dutch and English languages, both verbally and in writing.
  • Above all, you are expected to work in a precisely ordered manner. You have to monitor the quality standard.
  • Has own transport

We offer:

Employment of 24-32 hours per week (this is negotiable).
Working hours from Monday to Friday, but should studies require it, this can be deviated from.
Contract for one year, with option for extension
Work locations: Greater Rijnmond
Salary indication depending on age and experience


Should you be interested in the position, please email an application letter complete with a clear motivation, your CV, certificates, references and salary indication. Applications with only a CV will not be considered.
If you have any questions about the position, feel free to email.